CCIS Community Wallets

The Chef Cheems Inu Slap community wallets consists of 5 wallets in total that will provide funding to the $CHEF Token by collecting rewards without the need to sell any tokens.

CCIS Fund: B.B.W: 0x56Cc6E9E343d491a87A6C22ccec5C0d2258c449E CCIS Fund: B.B.W: 0x3B5047B01059feEac077729a496a75a34D65581A CCIS Fund: B.B.W: 0xafa61Af334127c24cC062efd07a6a0aEB763dA7E CCIS Fund: Lottery: 0xe717297fAb7Bd0Ef58BcB14553Ef88F02D0958a6 CCIS Fund: Staking: 0xbdaCcc49E5c9E80702d86eD46d924A39eD8b91F6 Each wallet holds 20,000 Tokens. over time their qty will decrease by pairing the tokens with bnb to add to the LP which will be sent to the Locked LP Address. Lock is set for 6 years. Locked LP Address: 0xae7e6cabad8d80f0b4e1c4dde2a5db7201ef1252

  • CCIS Fund: B.B.W - the first three wallets will solely focus on buybacks. there will be no need to sell any tokens to fund the project, all funds will come from the rewards that will be collecting from all B.B.W wallets. all three wallets will be used for buybacks and marketing plus further development of the $CHEF Ecosystem.

  • CCIS Fund: Lottery - Lottery Wallet will be used to collect rewards to Fund the Lottery System of the token. no token will be sold from this wallet. it will be strictly to collect rewards and fund the Lottery.

  • CCIS Fund: Staking - Staking wallet will be used to fund the Staking Platform. all rewards will be used to further fund the project. the tokens will be used to fill the Staking pools.

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